Build Your Own School?

28 02 2014

REALM charter school – X-space project

I am intrigued by this Kikstarter. Kids design their own learning space, then run a kikstarter to try and raise the $75k. One of my inspirations is Ron L Berger’s An Ethic of Excellence . One of the case studies he describes is the collaborative design of a new school building – a library? – which the school community including the young people, then build. (Ron is a qualified carpenter as well as a teacher).

Not sure how many new school buildings will end up paid for through crowdfunding, but I really love the agency aspects, as well the learning opportunities which are embedded in doing real world projects. Another positive aspect arises from the legacy – for the young people coming after those who achieved it (assuming they do), its a powerful statement of what’s possible; and for the group who achieved it, their ties to the place and attending values will likely be enduring.




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