Build Your Own School?

28 02 2014

REALM charter school – X-space project

I am intrigued by this Kikstarter. Kids design their own learning space, then run a kikstarter to try and raise the $75k. One of my inspirations is Ron L Berger’s An Ethic of Excellence¬†. One of the case studies he describes is the collaborative design of a new school building – a library? – which the school community including the young people, then build. (Ron is a qualified carpenter as well as a teacher).

Not sure how many new school buildings will end up paid for through crowdfunding, but I really love the agency aspects, as well the learning opportunities which are embedded in doing real world projects. Another positive aspect arises from the legacy – for the young people coming after those who achieved it (assuming they do), its a powerful statement of what’s possible; and for the group who achieved it, their ties to the place and attending values will likely be enduring.


SOLO taxonomy

2 03 2013

I first heard about this SOLO taxonomy idea through Tait Coles, @totallywired77

Many teachers are looking at SOLO as a more useful rubric than the better known Blooms

It’s explained here in this slideshare


3dEDrats at macquarie uni

23 11 2011

Not sure how I managed to totally miss this very cool event, 3dEDrats at macquarie uni, but the video presentations, particularly Alice Leung’s on games for learning, are great case studies of successful examples of progressive classrooms.


Joanne Cologon De La Salle College
Workshops included Kodu, X-box kinect, Good Game Spawn, Minecraft, Zombie shooting, etc.