Top of mind, tip of tongue

21 02 2014

I really enjoyed reading Jonah Berger’s Contagious – Why things catch on. An analysis of the mechanics of virality ..viralness?.. which he breaks down into the S.T.E.P.P.S. framework and illustrates with a range of examples from social change initiatives to corporate contexts.

One that is really exercising my mind is “Public” – can people see others benefiting from thies experience/idea/product. For me this ties directly to the PBL concepts of real world/public audience, and also to notions of porosity around learning environments, discussed by my hero, James Paul Gee in regard to Passionate Affinity Spaces and many others in the literacy research area.

Social Currency: Does talking about it make people look good?

Triggers: context: grow the habitat in which people are reminded of it – top of mind, tip of tongue

Emotion: Kindle the fire by engaging people’s feelings

Public: Make the private public: can people see others using the product? create behavioural residue

Practical Value: Useful information others will like to disseminate

Stories: Embed product in broader “shareworthy” narrative