Twitter reflections of a 2 day “maker” event at University of Canberra

1 08 2015

Mobile Makers exhibition title wall

Illuminated by the glow of a strip of programmed rgb LED’s, the Mobile Makers exhibition title wall at University of Canberra gallery

Through University of Canberra’s Angelina Russo’s enthusiasm and energy an ARC application is lodged for a mobile fab lab to tour various regional Australian locations. Although we won’t learn the fate of the application until November 2015, representatives from many of the participating organisations accepted the University’s generous invitation to invest two days in exploring the project’s territory at the intersection between Art and Science. A highlight for me was Ross Gibson’s presentations, which amongst other things, encouraged us to think about relationships between the digitally materialised and narrative.
Here is my Storify from day 2.
For day 1, check out Lynda Kelly here.
A small, silver coloured, vintage model car.

What is an authentic object? Contemporary manufacturing processes including digital scanning and 3D printing invigorate a new dimension to museological conversations about authenticity.

A ready to eat chocolate  biscuit and 3D printed cookie cutters

Materialising the digital into edible form.




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