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4 08 2013

scan of article from SMH: Aug 3, 2013

I was interviewed by the Herald about my job at Powerhouse Museum.

When meeting professional visitors at the Museum I sometimes say things like “I came here for a 1 year contract 19 years ago… I didn’t mean to stay here all this time…” or “Actually, I’m not really a museum person”.
I always ask them to tell me about if they’ve visited before, and when that was. The typical answers haven’t changed much over the years. And these answers can be hard to hear. Last came here on a school excursion (~20 years ago). Used to come here all the time when I was a kid (family members).

We (I) must do better at providing more compelling reasons.

There are two main dimensions in which I reckon this will happen.
First – as bone fide learning sites.
I hold dear the belief/hope that as school slowly deconstructs, Museum’s as 3rd spaces will come into their own for young people and their mentors.
Second – as a place for people. Less cultural palace and more cultural community centre.
More relaxed about the Museum space as place to feel “at home”.
Another outcome for me of being interviewed about my work, was the opportunity to briefly pause and reflect.
I enjoyed the experience, and, having been re-assured by others that the story came across ok, relieved.




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