museum-ed next as per Nina

7 10 2012

Does this mean Khan Academy is competitive with museums? Maybe. More importantly, it means that we should be looking to their model to push ourselves in how we think about delivering the most engaging, powerful content possible.
This is an epic moment in the history of education, who wouldn’t want to be part of it? We are finally leaving behind the 18th century model of education where groups of students are expected to learn at a standard pace.
Every day we read about ways that teaching, learning and accreditation are being unbundled. New institutions and new, more personal modes of teaching and learning are being investigated. And we will soon know much more about learning, thanks to analytics, than we ever have before.

Frankly, I find this kind of talk thrilling. I really believe that Museums can matter to many more people much more than they currently do, and that one of the keys is providing more bottom-up thinking, researching, discussing experiences than can possibly happen within a typical standard education visit.




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