authoritative teaching style recommended

19 07 2011

Applying research from parenting styles to teaching delivers some useful recommendations for education leaders. Having high expectations whilst being willing to listen and be flexible and responsive.

Steven Dinham, Research Director,Teaching and Leadership at ACER, has given permission for the publication of his paper entitled “Authoritative leadership, action learning and student accomplishment” here. He writes:

“There is a vast body of research confirming the important influence of the classroom teacher on student achievement (see Hattie, 2002, 2003; Mulford, 2006; Rowe, 2003). A key issue then, is that of how the quality of teaching and learning within individual classrooms can be influenced and improved. Based upon findings from a range of research projects investigating aspects of quality teaching, I believe that two key, related influences on classroom achievement are educational leadership and teachers’ professional learning. This paper concentrates mainly on the former.”

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