choice CHALLENGE feedback

20 06 2011

Of the edifying 3 here, one of the trickiest to manage in the typical short form 3hr workshop, is challenge.

There’s a short amount of time to size up the group to assess the optimum level of challenge and then select the right selection of activities, scaffolds and mix in the appropriate time allotments.

Team teaching today’s 2 hr music-video workshop for a bright year 6 class provided an opportunity for some reflective debriefing.

We thought a better flow would have been

1)clearly state the workshop task to be achieved.

Make a music track with no more than 5 tracks including 1 MIDI track and clearly recognisable verse and chorus sections. Length 1-2 minutes.

2)setout the project structure using markers intro 4 bars chorus 8 bars verse 16 bars chorus 8 bars ending 4 bars

fill with 1 drum loop

create ‘drama’ using gaps to create beat ‘drops’ at beginning of each section

then create sliced/shuffled intro/ending

3)add 2 note funky bass line 5/1 dominant/tonic

4)pick a guitar or synth loop then create sliced/shuffled intro/ending

5)add pad sound, turntable or other element

Note) make sure the texture changes clearly articulate different verse & chorus sections

Note) for G&T groups like these, provide mini loop set of only 7 loops. 2 drum, 2 guitar, 1 lead synth, 1 turntable, 1 pad. add in a MIDI bass riff and then get a bonus SFX loop.




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